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Call or text John at 903-780-1581

Classes will be held on the 2nd Saturday in Tyler and on the 4th Saturday in Lindale at 1-5pm
Rain or Shine

All CHL Classes will include some

All classes will require a $20 deposit to insure your seat for the class

The on line class cost will be $24 by using my promo code of (waterman)

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When you finish online class call me to set up a time for the shooting portion to complete your class requirements  cost is $50.
I have two gun ranges one in Tyler and one in Lindale open 7 days a week for class completion.

The Four Hour CHL Classes Are A
Mixture Of Many Topics And Activites


For 1 day class - We will start Promply at 1pm. You will spend a total of 4 hours in class room and 1 hour on pistol ramge for a new CHL License.

Plan on the day being 4 hours long.
Bring A Lunch

We will take plenty of breaks during the day, feel free to bring drinks and snacks. 

Please bring only drinks in bottles that can be re-capped and snacks that are not inherently messy. There will be a cooler available to keep your drinks and snacks cold.  Mark your bottles with your name, or else I might decide to drink them! Please, no alcoholic beverages!

Apply Online
Applicants can take full control of the application process from begining to end.

From the CHL website applicants can:

  • Complete and submit the CHL web application
  • Submit the application fee
  • Schedule electronic finger prints with L1
  • Find a CHL instructor

Then complete the application process by mailing in supplemental documents and proof of CHL course.

Texas DPS will require Electronic Fingerprints to be done. All applicants will have to submit fingerprints electronically through L1 Identity Solutions AFTER completing their online applicant submission to TX DPS. L1 charges $9.95 for this service.

There is a $20.00 deposit required for the class.
You may pay on line or mail in the deposit to reserve your spot.
Mail to:
John Coblentz
1745 Eaglewood Dr
Tyler,TX 75703


Senior 10% discount
Military 10% Discount
CHL Class $100.00
Man & Wife $175.00


Bring your handgun and ammunition, you need it to qualify. 

  • Minimum caliber is .22
  • If you are not a current CHL holder, please make sure your weapon is UNLOADED.
  • Bring your weapon and ammunition in a range bag or something similar.
  • Make sure you have adequate hearing and eye protection.
  • You will need 50 rounds to qualify, it's a good idea to bring extra, in case you do not qualify on the first attempt.
  • Private lessons are available for those who need marksmanship assistance, please contact me.

Don't have a handgun yet? Drop me an e-mail ahead of time, I will have a handgun for you to use (for a small cleaning fee and the cost of ammunition of course) In Class Information is presented through a combination of PowerPoints, lectures, hands on, and range time. Topics covered will include (but are not limited to)

The Legal Aspects:

  • Eligibility - Who is eligible to apply for a Texas CHL?
  • The Brady Laws - history, purpose and current law.
  • The CHL State of Texas Statutes
  • States that recognize Texas CHL right to carry (and vice versa)
  • Suspension and Revocation - causes and laws
  • Related weapons laws from Texas Penal Code 45
  • Where carry is allowed, and NOT allowed
  • Unlawful carrying of a weapon by a CHL holder
  • Criminal trespass by a license holder
  • Making a firearm available to a child (the laws against it of course)
  • Guns and Booze - the do's and don'ts
  • What to do (and NOT to do) when in the presence of law enforcement officers

Non-Violent Dispute Resolution

  • Communication
  • Conflict Situation
  • Common signs of emotional disturbance
  • Conflict de-escalation techniques

Use of Force - Use of Deadly Force

  • Define force and deadly force, where does the law draw the line?
  • Are you ready for the use of force?  Are you capable physically and mentally?
  • Deciding what )and how much) force is legal and necessary
  • The escalating levels of force and violence
  • The legal process when force is used - What happens when it's all over?
  • Civil liability issues
  • Criminal liability issues
  • Justified self defense
  • Justified defense of property
  • Defense of others, family and third party persons and property.

Safe Handling and Storage of Firearms

  • Basic gun handling
  • Storage and safety
  • Basic maintenance and cleaning
  • Education of children and teens
  • Firearm inspection - is your gun safe?  Is it clean?  We will inspect your gun before qualification.

Basic Marksmanship

  • Handgun types
  • Basic marksmanship - elements of an accurate aim
  • Accuracy errors - how to be a better shot
  • Range etiquette - what to do - and NOT to do while on the range
  • Range qualification, the shooting and scoring process
  • Minimum Handgun calibers for qualification
  • Semi-Automatic or Revolver?  What should you qualify with and what can you carry?

Interstate transport of firearms

  • Transporting firearms as a non-licensed person
  • Transporting firearms as a licensed person


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Handicapped Approved Pistol Range and Class Room

American Legion Post 15
18251 Legion Hills Rd.
Lindale, TX 75771

From downtown Lindale, TX
Highway 69 and Highway 16 drive 2.4 miles east on 16 hwy. to CR (county Rd.) 498, turn Left (north) drive 1 Mile The driveway is on the left

Note ... American Flags line the drive.

Click for directions to our Lindale location

Click for direction to our
Tyler location

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